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Bye-Bye Rags
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Painters Clean Up Rags

No longer need them!!!

Bye-Bye Rag Can Easily Remove Mistakes Without A Ladder Or Bending

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Clean Up Without A Ladder

Assists in cleaning while working to save time. Simply attach device to extension pole before any project.

When rolling walls out with paint roller and excess paint hits top of ceiling/trim/base Bye-Bye rag can easily remove mistake without a ladder.

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Clean Up Without Bending

Prevents from bending and getting on knees to reach spills. Clean up efficiently and fast while being ergonomically beneficial.

Bye-Bye Rag can always be with you, no looking for rags. It’s machine washable, a time saver, and easy to attach/remove from extension poles.

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  • Microfiber cleans dust, drips & spills
  • Sanding pads and scrubby attachments available
  • Attach to any painting pole or broom
  • Adapter included

Cleans and Scrubs

  • Cobwebs/Dust
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Baseboards
  • Spills/Drips
  • Dried Paint
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Cost Compare

  • Price of Bye-Bye Rag is comparable to bag of rags or brush
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