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Works perfectly! Very well made product. No more bending down to wipe up drips and came clean in the washer. I’ll be buying another for sure!
Great quality product and very well made! Originally I bought it for a painting project but when I received it I thought I would try it for cleaning. I attached it to my broom and used it as I swept the house. It worked incredibly well no need to carry around a separate duster which made it so convenient. I used it for dusting walls cleaning my vents my ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets. Adding a little cleaning solution made it great for baseboards. When finished I threw into the washer. I will be buying a 2nd bye bye rag for my painting project and keeping this one for cleaning. I highly recommend the bye bye rag.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product! Perfect for making it easier to clean up drips, also convenient for dusting baseboards before painting. I have also used this to dust my fans! I will be buying more as gifts for family and friends!
Great quality and very easy to use! I will never have to worry about losing my rags again with the attachment to the painting pole on the bye bye rag. When it got dirty we tossed in right in the washer and it’s like new. Highly recommend for painting companies to have one on site at all times!
First of all I never write reviews. But this product is so simple yet so smart I had to. If you ever said, ” I don’t know what I would do without it” then you know how I feel about this product. The fact that it attaches to the end of any household broom or pole means it is always handy. I have mine attached to the end of my broom. I live in an apartment on the lake and deal with dirty windows and spider webs around my patio. The Bye-Bye Rag works for everything I need to clean off the windows, railing and windowsills. No more ladder. No more countless paper towel rolls. Just the Bye-Bye Rag that is always handy. Seriously has made my life so much easier!
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